Crown® Camp Fuel
Crown Camp Fuel is a clean-burning fuel blended for all camp appliances that are designed to use gasoline as a fuel. Use in camp stoves and lanterns.*

Contains a rust inhibitor to help prolong the life of the camp appliance and its generator.

*Crown Camp Fuel can be used in all brands of gasoline stoves, lanterns and appliances and can be used in place of other brands of camp fuel. There is no need to use the same brand of camp fuel as the camping equipment. Save money with Crown.


Can Crown® Camp Fuel be used in a Kerosene/Hurricane Lanterns?

Crown® Camp Fuel should not be used in Kerosene/Hurricane Lanterns because camp fuel has a lower flashpoint temperature than kerosene, causing the fuel to vaporize and ignite explosively fast.

Crown® Torch & Lamp Fuel

Crown® Torch & Lamp Fuel is an ultra-refined fuel scented with lemongrass and Citronella for use in outdoor torches and lamps.

Available in 48 oz., 64 oz. and 100 oz. containers.

Private label Citronella also available; contact us today for more information.

Crown® Kerosene - 1-K Fuel Grade
Crown® Kerosene is a fuel grade 1-K Kerosene ideally suited for use in kerosene heaters, lanterns and stoves. Can also be used for cleaning and removing grease, tar and oil. Product is available in metal or plastic containers.

Looking for pricing on multi-case quantities of Kerosene for your business or for resale?  Contact us today to get pricing on gallons, 2.5 gallon containers, 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums.

Crown® Lamp Oil

Crown® Lamp Oil is an ultra-refined lamp oil in clear plastic bottles.  Available in different scents and colors: bayberry (blue), cinnamon (red) and pine (green), plus unscented (clear). Product may be ordered in assorted case pack.