Crown® Liquid Deglosser*
Crown® Liquid Deglosser softens old paint and varnish to produce a slight tackiness that helps new finishes bond securely to old. Excellent cleaner that removes heel marks, smudges, and pencil marks as well as wax, grease and oil.

Directions for Use: To determine the quantity of Crown® Liquid Deglosser and wiping needed to achieve proper results, it is recommended that you test an area that will be hidden from view.  Use a clean cloth with this product and change the wiping surface of the cloth frequently.  Do not apply over fresh paints.  Allow 30 minutes before repainting but no more than 12 hours. 


I am trying to take off teak oil from my kitchen table; is this the right Crown product to use?

Crown Deglosser is meant to soften oil-based paints so new paint to stick to it better. In order to completely remove the teak oil (boiled linseed oil), Crown Tuff-Strip is recommended. To lighten up the color of the finish and buff out any water spots, rub it down with Crown turpentine.

Crown® Brush Cleaner*

Crown® Brush Cleaner reconditions old, hard brushes and is harmless to nylon or natural bristle brushes. Cleans brushes of oil-based and latex paints, varnishes, and shellac. Check manufacturers instructions as product could damage synthetic bristles. Water-rinsable.

Directions for Use: Place brush in can with enough cleaner to cover bristles.  Soak until paint is softened.  Overnight soaking may be necessary.  Remove softened paint with a brush comb and work in fresh cleaner.  Rinse thoroughly with tap water (DO NOT USE HOT WATER).  Repeat if necessary.  Dry brush with clean rags and store in paper.  For fresh paint, eliminate soaking step.  For cleaning rollers with fresh paint, pour cleaner into clean roller tray, saturating roller.  Remove excess cleaner by rolling on ribbed area of tray.  Remove roller from frame, rinse thoroughly with tap water.  Stand on end to dry.


Crown® Muriatic Acid

Crown® Muriatic Acid is a 20° Baume (31.45%) hydrochloric acid solution used for cleaning and etching masonry surfaces.


Should I use Muriatic Acid to wash my previously painted cement patio? If yes, what is the correct procedure so that I can also ensure to protect my landscaping plants?

Washing cement with Crown® Muriatic Acid is a good idea because it will ensure that small bits of old paint will be released, allowing for a better bond for painting to be made for the new coating.

First dilute 1 part acid to 4 parts water by pouring acid to water. Never pour water to acid. Next thoroughly soak the cement with water and the spray the acid with a spray bottle. Wear safety glasses and protective gloves. Avoid spraying on windy days or days with a temperature exceeding 90F. Scrub the acid with a stiff brush to maximize cleaning. After 15-30 minutes, pour baking soda on to the cement to neutralize the acid. (For a 12'x12' patio uses 2 regular sized boxes). Allow the baking soda to sit for 5-10 minutes and then rinse the cement off with water for 10-15 minutes*.

*The water will dilute the products from the neutralization reaction and shouldn't harm most plants. However, for rose bushes and maple trees, the rinsing time should increased to over 20 minutes and should be performed before noon to minimize the effect to such plants.

What is the concentration of Crown Muriatic Acid?

Crown Muriatic Acid is 31.45% Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), has a molarity of 10 mol/L and a density of 1.045 g/mL. Note that for the Crown NEXT/safer Muriatic acid can range form 8% to 15% concentration. For exact concentrations, titration of the acid should be used for the most accurate measurements.

Crown® PSC 1000 Parts Washer Solvent

Crown® PSC 1000 is a parts washer solvent formulated to remove oil, grease, and grime from industrial parts and equipment. This industrial strength formula is specially blended for parts cleaning systems.


Crown® Windshield Washer Fluid (Summer)
Crown®Windshield Washer is a excellent summer formula that provides good cleaning and removal of bug splatter and road grime from windshields. Texas Air Control Board approved formula.


* Not for sale in California.

Windshield Wash
warning.png WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Methanol, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to